Компания Реал Строй


Casing - plastic GOST-18599 (for wells). All materials are certified. The estimated minimum production rate of the well is 0.5-1.5 cu. water per hour. Guarantee for the well. We conclude the contract, issue a passport well. We have been working since 2010.

We use modern technologies - DO NOT dig, unlike the competitors of the pit (pit 1 * 1 * 1 meter) on your site. It is also possible to drill on paved areas (asphalt, pavers, tiles) - by prior agreement.
Our installation is specially designed to ensure the passage of any soil in the Len. regions, which are not always within the power of small portable machines.

We connect the water to the house, we select the pumping equipment, we put the caisson. We do everything on a turn-key basis. We give a guarantee for all works!

CALL! We will always answer your questions, consult you, give useful recommendations, dispel all your doubts.

The prices for equipping wells with pumping equipment depend on the depth and type of pumping systems.

  • Pumping equipment with automatic and input into the house - from 30000 rub.
  • The cost of drilling a geological exploration well is from 1000 r / m.
  • Video diagnostics of the wellbore and measurement of its parameters - from 5000 rub.
  • Washing - from 5000 rub.
  • Sale of casing pipes d90-450 mm.
  • Guarantee. The contract.
  • Drilling of wells under piles, pillars, foundation.