Компания Реал Строй


Company Real-Stroy offers rental services for formwork. Thanks to our offer, you can significantly reduce the cost of construction, as well as reduce its time. At us you will find a wide assortment of formwork, which will fully satisfy any customer requests!
We think that not everyone knows what formwork is and what it is intended for.
In fact, formwork is a kind of construction, the main task of which is to give a certain form of monolithic concrete, as well as reinforced concrete structures. Most formwork is made of metal, wood and plastic and used in those cases where it is necessary to build a foundation, walls or floors in a monolithic way.
Until recently, during construction, one-time fixed molding was actively used, but it was replaced by a reusable one, which was removed from the construction immediately after the concrete was seized. Use of such formwork is much more profitable if you plan to apply it at least several times. Otherwise (if you have to do one-time work), it's better to think about renting formwork, since this will cost you much cheaper than buying it ...
Otherwise (if you have to do one-time work), it's better to think about renting formwork, since this will cost you much cheaper than buying it.
Today in the construction market of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region there are many companies that offer similar forms of rental services, so it's no wonder if you have a question - why should you choose the company Real-Stroy?
However, high-quality material is only one of the components of a solid log. It's not every carpenter who can produce an even and beautiful frame, so only our craftsmen work in our company.

Let's look at the advantages that you will get in cooperation with us:

Affordable price
  • Our prices for rental forms are very democratic and you will be pleasantly surprised. We have a flexible pricing policy that takes into account lease terms and conditions;
High quality products
  • Our formwork constantly passes quality control, therefore it is always in an optimal condition and meets all modern requirements. In case of damage detection, we quickly eliminate it or completely replace the failed formwork with a new one;
A large assortment
  • Depending on the type of concrete structures or structures, their dimensions, as well as climatic conditions, it is recommended to use a certain type of formwork. The company Real-Story presents one of the most extensive assortment of formwork, so that you will certainly find what you need;
Efficiency of processing orders
  • We guarantee that from the moment of submission of the application to receipt of the formwork there will be a minimum of time, which means that you will be able to start construction as soon as possible;
Individual approach to each client
  • We work with each client individually, taking into account all his wishes and achieving the most favorable conditions for him.
From all of the above, we can conclude that the current partnership between the companies that provide construction services, and the client is a reliable guarantor for the development of the construction industry. In the face of the company Real-Story, you will find such a partner who will offer you the best options for renting formwork at the most favorable prices!