Компания Реал Строй


The company Real-Story offers to purchase various types of construction sand. We always have quarry sand, recycled quarry sand and sea sand. Below you can get acquainted with the features of these types of sands in more detail.
First of all, it should be noted that construction sand has been used in various sectors of the national economy for several decades. It is used for road and construction works, as well as in landscape design.
Career sand is one of the cheapest building materials. Its low cost is due to the fact that during its extraction, sand is not subjected to additional processing, and therefore in its composition there are various kinds of impurities. Of course, quarry sand is inferior in terms of quality to the pre-wash, but it can still be used for plastering, for the erection of foundations and brick walls, and for the arrangement of the territory.

It is interesting that quarry sand can be subjected to additional treatment, as a result of which excess impurities are removed from its original composition. Thanks to processing, the following types of sand can be obtained: washed, dry, sown. All of them differ from each other in the size of the fraction and strength.
Injected quarry sand is most often mined in quarries by an in-line method using a large amount of water. Such sand practically does not have in its composition any natural impurities (for example, clay or dust particles), which makes it an excellent material for various types of construction work. The color of the pouring sand can vary greatly depending on the location of the deposits where it is mined.

There are two fractions of such sand - small and large. Minor wash-up sand is most often used for finishing works, and large - for the production of concrete, paving slabs, curbs and so on.
Sea sand (as it is not difficult to guess from the name) is extracted from the seabed, and sometimes rivers and lakes. When it is extracted, it is also used as an inline method. Sea sand differs the highest degree of purification from foreign impurities, which makes it the cleanest of all kinds of sand. High quality sand makes it suitable for use in modern construction.

It should be noted that the sea sand is fine-grained and coarse-grained. The latter in nature is rare, and therefore much more expensive.

Fields of application of sea sand:
  • for the production of reinforced concrete structures;
  • at plastering works;
  • for the production of dry construction mixtures;
  • as a basis for paving;
  • in the manufacture of paving slabs and curbs and much more.
Despite all its advantages, sea sand has one, but very significant drawback, namely its price. Because of the high costs of its extraction and subsequent processing, the cost of sea sand is much higher than that of other types of sand. Buying building sand in the company Real-Story you can be completely sure that it fully meets all GOSTs and other quality standards. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices for building materials!