Компания Реал Строй


The company Real-Story offers high-quality road plates, which are the ideal material for the construction of temporary or permanent roads.

For today road plates are considered one of the most perspective directions of manufacture and are applied in those cases when it is necessary to reach the greatest durability of a road cloth, and also when construction needs to be finished in deadlines.
The road plates themselves are made of heavy concrete and steel reinforcement. The process of making boards is complicated and requires compliance with certain standards, any deviation from which can seriously affect the quality of products.

Most often road plates are used in the construction of runways at aerodromes, as well as the construction of various roads. So, they have proven themselves in places of career development, where increased demands are placed on the roadway.
The process of laying road plates is extremely simple. First, a bulldozer passes through the surface of the ground where the road is planned to be built, which cuts the top layer of the soil with vegetation, and also leveles the surface. After that, a special pillow is formed from the sand, which allows to completely get rid of the remaining irregularities. Well, the next stage is laying the plates.

In addition, it should be noted that if the construction of an asphalt road requires careful soil analysis and serious preparatory work, the use of slabs avoids all these difficulties!
Compared to conventional asphalt, road plates have a number of advantages, but there are some drawbacks. Let's get acquainted with the pros and cons of the technology of road construction using road plates.

  • High reliability. Road plates are very durable and capable of withstanding loads of tens of tons. It is not difficult to guess that a road built using road plates will be very reliable and durable, even if heavy equipment regularly passes through it;
  • Versatility. Road plates are available in a variety of configurations and sizes, which makes it possible to implement absolutely any engineering project;
  • Speed. Due to the use of road plates, it is possible to build a road much faster;
  • Possibility of reuse. If necessary, you can disassemble the road surface and use old road plates to build a new road. It should be noted that the process of dismantling road plates takes a minimum of time.
  • The cost. Road plates are very expensive material, so the final cost of the road will be slightly higher. However, not everything is so straightforward here, as road plates are highly reliable, which means they will pay off over time, as you do not have to spend money on road repairs.
As you can see, road plates have many pluses, and the only negative is not so obvious, as it might seem at first glance!

In conclusion, I want to note that our road plates fully comply with the highest quality standards and can be used to build a wide variety of roads that will be able to withstand not only cars, but also heavy equipment (for example, trucks).