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In the world there are several basic types of coverage: asphalt, concrete slabs and paving slabs. I think it is not a secret for anyone that the first two covers are the most popular in Russia, and paving slabs are only occasionally used. Nevertheless, in recent years the situation began to change, and today the demand for paving tiles is higher than ever. What is this type of coverage?
First of all, it should be noted that pavement tiles in Russia have been widely used relatively recently, while in European countries this material has been used for a long time.

In Europe, it is used everywhere: to cover urban areas, courtyards in front of private houses, sidewalks, roads and even entire highways. Such an increased demand for tiles is due to the fact that it has a number of undeniable advantages compared to the same asphalt.

The main advantages of paving slabs are:

  • Aesthetics. Sidewalk tiles are presented in a huge range of shapes and a variety of colors, so everyone can choose the most optimal option for themselves;
  • Simplicity of packing. It is worth noting that in order to lay the paving slab it is not necessary to be a professional and have a bunch of different tools with you. With the laying of asphalt everything is much more complicated: it requires not only a certain experience, but also the presence of heavy equipment;
  • It is convenient to repair. If the coating using paving tiles has been damaged, then for its repair it is enough only to replace the elements that have become unusable. It should be noted that the work on the recovery of the damaged element does not cause any harm to neighboring tiles, therefore, repair work will require a minimum of time and money;
  • Reliability. Sidewalk tiles are very durable and capable of withstanding severe loads. In addition, its surface is wear-resistant and will not be erased even after several years of operation;
  • Price. Despite all its advantages, paving slabs remain very affordable, largely due to the production method.
Of course, all these advantages simply can not be ignored, so slowly, but surely paving slabs get spread in our country. Most likely, in a few years it will be able to displace asphalt, which many experts call a remnant of the past, and our roads will become much cleaner and more reliable!

In order to see how the face of the city will change when using paving slabs, it is enough to look at modern St. Petersburg. A few years ago, most of the sidewalks and footpaths were asphalted, which markedly spoiled the face of the city. Then the builders began using the paving slab, and today the Northern capital of Russia has literally changed!

Turning to the company Real-Story, you can buy a reliable and durable material that can withstand the load of tens of thousands of pedestrians, all at a very affordable price. Our sidewalk tiles are ideal for use in the climatic conditions of Russia. It is frost-hardy and will last for many years!