Компания Реал Строй


Despite the fact that in recent years many new construction technologies have appeared, masonry works continue to be one of the most sought-after types of work. The reason for such high popularity is their relative simplicity, efficiency and versatility.

Under masonry work should be understood all those works in one way or another related to the construction of anything from piece materials (bricks, stones, blocks). Perhaps the main feature of the masonry works is that the materials fit in a certain order and are fixed together with a mortar.
The employees of our company have the necessary experience and are ready to perform the following types of masonry work:
It is one of the most common types of masonry work. At us you can order a rough or facial masonry, as well as the restoration of the existing masonry.
Masonry from aerocrete blocks
In this case, special aerated concrete blocks are used, for the adhesion of which various adhesive compositions are used. The main advantage of this type of masonry is the high speed of the walls.
Laying of paving slabs
Great for ennobling the surrounding area, allowing you to lane paths, courtyards and recreation areas.
Facing works
Also belong to masonry works. Facing is an essential element of any modern building. It is thanks to the facade cladding and the interiors of the building that you can give an attractive appearance.
Our team of klapochnik quickly and accurately perform all of the above types of work, while the rates for our services will pleasantly surprise you. It is worth noting that the cost of masonry works directly depends on the material of the masonry, as well as the time of the year, the amount of work and their degree of complexity.
To find out the exact rates for certain types of masonry works, you can call one of the phone numbers listed in the section "Contacts".
Despite the seeming simplicity, masonry works require sufficient qualification and certain skills, which means that not every contractor can properly execute them.