Компания Реал Строй


Most of our life we spend, being in different rooms: at home, at work in the office, in shops and shopping centers. I think, it is not necessary to say that for a comfortable rest or productive work, it is necessary that the environment around you be adjusted to the appropriate mode. That's why it's better not to delay repair!
If a few years ago people preferred to do repairs on their own, today the situation has changed radically. Every year more and more people turn to specialized companies or hire third-party people to perform works on interior decoration. Of course, all this provides additional costs, but on the other hand, the customer does not have to spend his personal time, and the repair will be performed at a qualitatively different level.
Our company provides services for repair and finishing of premises in St. Petersburg. If you need to repair inside the building, then feel free to contact the company Real-Stroy.

Today in St. Petersburg there are many companies that provide similar services, so you are probably wondering - what's so special about the company of Real-Stroy ?!

First, we have been working in the construction market for several years. During this time we have formed the backbone of highly qualified specialists, which means that one can not worry about the quality of the work performed. Regardless of the complexity of the work, everything will be done at the highest level. In addition, during the finishing works we use only time-tested high-quality materials, thanks to which truly outstanding results are achieved!
Secondly, every client is important for us. We take into account all the wishes of the customer, in advance we negotiate terms and prices.

Thirdly, we carry out the widest range of finishing works: from small cosmetic repairs to capital repairs.
Now there are a lot of one-day companies on the construction market of St. Petersburg, which offer repair services for less money. However, do not let yourself be deceived, since it is likely that the quality of the work done will leave much to be desired, and you will have to go to extra expenses to bring the repair to "mind."
Make the right choice by contacting a company that has been engaged in similar work for more than a year, and the result will fully meet all your expectations!