Компания Реал Строй


It's no secret that the foundation is the most important part of any building, so the reliability of the structure as a whole will depend on the correct choice of technology and the quality of the installation work.

One of the most popular types of foundation is a monolithic one. If the installation of such a foundation was carried out correctly, then the building will last for decades. If somewhere there was a mistake, the foundation of the structure could fail in a few years...

Laying a monolithic foundation is a very labor-intensive process, so if you do not have the necessary experience, as well as tools and equipment, then it's best to trust professionals at this stage of the construction. The company Real-Stroy has been providing installation services for monolithic foundations for several years. We have highly qualified specialists, which means that the work will be done as it should!

The main material for the production of a monolithic foundation is concrete (grade no lower than 50). We carry out a wide range of concrete work: calculations, fabrication and installation of formwork, reinforcement, binding of reinforcement and casting of concrete.

Many may think that laying a monolithic foundation is not a pleasure from cheap ones. This is true, but the high cost of work is due to the large labor costs, as well as the excellent performance of concrete. No matter how, a building built on a monolithic foundation will last much longer!
One of the key activities of the company Real-Stroy is the laying of the foundation with the help of so-called monolithic (concrete) slabs. This type of foundation is considered shallow, since its construction is carried out at a depth of no more than 40-50 cm. The main difference from the basement is that the concrete slab is fully reinforced, which allows it to withstand the high loads arising from uneven ground movement. Due to this feature, the foundation on the basis of monolithic slabs is often used in construction on problem soils (for example, on weakened soils or in cases of high groundwater levels).

The main advantages of the slab monolithic foundation are:

High reliability
  • Such a foundation is capable of withstanding high loads and any weight. In addition, the slab foundation is not amenable to temperature changes in the soil and has no precipitation;
  • The construction on the basis of the slab foundation will last for many years;
  • First, the foundation plate foundation is possible on almost any kind of soil (it is especially effective to use slabs in areas with high seismic activity).
  • Secondly, such a foundation can be used for the construction of a variety of objects.
The main drawback of such a foundation has already been mentioned above - this is its price. However, if you look at it from the other side, it turns out that using concrete slabs can save on other works. For example, there is no need to carry out a large amount of land work, as for the installation of slabs a small enough depth.