Компания Реал Строй


Turning to the company Real-Stroy, you can order the pouring of concrete screed, the main purpose of which is leveling the base and preparing a reliable basis for flooring.
The vast majority of floor coverings, such as parquet, ceramic tiles, laminate and some others, must be laid on a perfectly flat surface. Otherwise, there is a great risk that after a while the materials will start to lag, or even worse, to collapse. It is possible to get a smooth surface of the base thanks to the so-called concrete screed, which is a kind of intermediate layer between the slab and the floor covering.
The screed is used in the following cases:

  • When it is necessary to get a perfectly flat surface of the base (allows even even significant irregularities to be leveled);
  • To create a strong and reliable plate;
  • In non-residential premises, where there is no particular need for floor covering, a concrete screed can serve as an excellent floor;
  • When it is necessary to provide heat, hydro and sound insulation of the floor, and also to stabilize the microclimate in the room.
In general, there are several different types of screeds, but most often use concrete or cement screed.
    If you compare these two types of screeds, then concrete has some advantages over cement. For example, it is not so wet, since the water in the concrete solution is much smaller, and when using a concrete screed one can not be afraid of flowing to the lower floors. In addition, the concrete screed gives less shrinkage.

    Of course, the concrete screed can be manufactured independently, but there is a great risk that some mistakes will be made in the process, which in the future will negatively affect the quality of the flooring. No matter how, and the process of pouring concrete screed is very complicated.

    The key stages of pouring concrete screed:

    At the first stage it is necessary to determine the thickness of the concrete screed. If there are significant differences in height (5-7 cm), then the foundation will have to be aligned first. In addition, you need to determine the level of the floor, and the better you do it, the more uniform the concrete floor will be;
    After that, it is necessary to take care of waterproofing, which will prevent excessive wetting of plates and possible leakage to the lower floors (waterproofing can use materials such as polyethylene film, bitumen paper and roofing paper);
    The next step is the reinforcement of the concrete screed. The primary goal of reinforcement is reinforcement of the concrete structure;
    Further on, the base is laid so-called beacons, thanks to which it is much easier to smooth the laid concrete
    Well, the final stage is the laying of the concrete screed itself. Concrete is spread with a shovel, after which it is leveled so that it is slightly higher than the beacons. After that, the surface is leveled by the trowel.
    As you can see, the stages of pouring a concrete screed are not so simple and require a competent approach. That's why all the work related to the construction of a concrete screed is best entrusted to professionals.

    One of the activities of the company Real-Stroy is the pouring of concrete screed. The quality of our services is at a very high level, and prices remain extremely affordable!