Компания Реал Строй


When ordering the plasticity of P4, the price increases by 50 rubles. per m3
The plant has its own fleet of equipment:

ABS - from 6 m3 to 12 m3
АBN - from 16 m to 52 m
Free ABS unloading time - 60 minutes
The cost of ABS with a conveyor belt is 550 r / m3
Feeding by a hydro-chute 6-10m - 2000 r.
Concrete at fractions 5-10 - concrete grade + 400 r.
Fiber concrete - brand of concrete + 500 r.

Passports of quality are provided for all batches of concrete and grout.
Company Real Story offers you to purchase ready-mixed concrete of various brands at the most favorable prices. By purchasing concrete from us, you can be sure that you will get high-quality goods at the best price!
For several decades already, commodity concrete has been considered one of the most important materials used in construction.
The scope of commercial concrete is very wide: it is used in the manufacture of monolithic foundations, pouring walls, building roads, building bridges, etc.
Previously, commercial concrete was used exclusively for industrial purposes, but in the 21st century it became more widespread. Today, concrete is increasingly used in the construction of private houses (for example, in the manufacture of a monolithic foundation).

Since the reliability of the object under construction largely depends on the quality of the concrete, its producers need to have a special certificate that proves that their product meets all modern standards.
Commodity concrete can vary greatly in quality, as some manufacturers add special chemical additives to its composition, due to which there is an improvement in certain properties of concrete. That is why several brands of ready-mixed concrete are on the market at once.

Below you can find some of them:
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-100 B-7,5. Concrete of this brand is usually used in the construction of roads;
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-150 B-12.5. They are mainly used for making curbs and concrete pillows, as well as creating floors and paths. Sometimes it is used for so-called "concrete preparation";
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-200 B-15. One of the most popular brands of concrete, which is used in cases where it is necessary to achieve high strength of the structure (for example, when laying bricks and some other building blocks);
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-250 B-20. Most often used for casting monolithic foundations, paths, concrete staircases and fences
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-300 B-22,5. Concrete of this brand is used for the construction of the upper layer of the road, which will have the main load. In addition, it is used to create monolithic foundations, the construction of monolithic and retaining walls, stairs, paths and some other works
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-350 B-25. It is used in the manufacture of reinforced concrete structures and for the erection of load-bearing structures (for example, beams, slabs, columns and monolithic walls);
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-400 B-30. Concrete of this brand is most often used in the construction of facilities and structures, which are subject to increased requirements for strength and reliability (for example, bridges, basement floors of tall buildings, columns, beams and pools);
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-450 B-35. Applicable when the object under construction must meet high requirements of moisture resistance and reliability;
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-500 B-40. It is characterized by high frost resistance and water resistance, which makes it the best choice for the construction of strong reinforced concrete structures;
  • Ready-mixed concrete M-600 B-45. Concrete of this brand is characterized by the highest strength, therefore it is used in the construction of the most complex objects (for example, bridges)
It is worth noting that the production of concrete is a very complex process. Any violation of the process or a shift in the recipe can lead to serious consequences, namely, to make concrete unfit for construction.
Therefore, it is necessary to purchase concrete from large companies engaged in its production for several years.

It is such a company and is the "Real Stroy". We have been working in the construction market of St. Petersburg for several years, we have all the necessary certificates, and the quality of our products (including commercial concrete) is not questioned!