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In recent years, in the construction of roads, the use of PAG-14 road plates has become increasingly frequent. This tendency is easily explained by the fact that the quality of such boards is much higher, and they are capable of withstanding heavy loads.
Today, the PAG-14 plates are used in the construction of runways and highways, for which heavy equipment is planned to move. The quality of such roads is subject to special requirements, which means that the building materials must be of the highest quality.


Plate Road 2P

2P 30.18.30-5000 rub.

Aerodrome Plate


PAG-14 - 16000 rub.
PAG-18 - 22000 rub.

Interestingly, the very name of PAG-14 stands for "an aerodynamic smooth plate with a thickness of 14 cm". This name is due to the fact that until recently such slabs were used exclusively for the construction of take-off strips.

The dimensions of the PAG-14 plate are 600x200x14 cm (length, width, thickness, respectively). These are the most versatile parameters, so that the plates can be used for a variety of purposes. The weight of one PAG-14 is 4200 kg. The working (external) side of the plate has a corrugation, and the other is rough.

It is worth noting that the PAG-14 slabs are manufactured using special technology in compliance with strict quality standards (for example, the frost resistance of concrete must be at least F 200). Unfortunately, today in the Russian construction market there are many companies selling products that do not meet high standards, so when buying plates it is best to be reinsured and check whether the seller has the appropriate certificates.
Thanks to the use of PAG-14 slabs, the process of building a road becomes not only much easier, but also faster. In addition, such roads are capable of withstanding serious loads, which is especially important if it is planned to organize the movement of heavy large-capacity vehicles.

It is worth noting that PAG-14 has found application not only in road construction. Often plates are used to equip industrial premises (for example, warehouses and terminals), as well as for tower cranes.

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